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We pride ourselves on using the latest technology. We incorporate the most advanced techniques to make each visit comfortable and convenient. Technological advancements , such as the latest intraoral scanning equipment, make an appointment with our orthodontists exciting and educational.


An intraoral scanner that makes submitting lab cases instantaneous! Compatible with most labs and Invisalign, these digital scans eliminate distortions, promotes accurate customization, and eliminates the need for uncomfortable impressions.  We were the first office in New York City to use the most recent model – the Itero Element.

Dolphin Aquarium

Designed for interactive patient education and case presentation, Aquarium is a dynamic communication tool that fully utilizes high-quality 3D graphics. It is designed to demonstrate common and complex topics including diagnostic findings, oral surgery and orthodontic procedures, appliance use, hygiene, and more.


suresmile®  technology helps doctors to create measurably better smiles for patients. It offers more precision, better results, and a beautiful smile in less time than conventional braces.  Instead of bending orthodontic archwires by hand, your archwires will be custom-shaped using state-of-the-art robotic technology. This means that your teeth move directly to the prescribed position after the archwire is inserted. You’ll see great results in a shorter treatment time than previously possible with conventional orthodontics.


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